Whether you’re an engineer, architect, animator, film editor, or other creative pro, we all have a specific way we like to work, which directly influences how our workspace is organized. In fact, when it’s personalized just right, it makes our jobs easier and accelerates productivity.

Regardless of industry, chances are your workflow involves working simultaneously across multiple applications. It’s also likely that in the interest of quick, easy access to these applications, you’ve upgraded your monitors to ultra-widescreen, curved, or multi-display.These are important upgrades, to be sure, but here’s one you may have overlooked: NVIDIA Quadro View desktop management software, the latest application in the NVIDIA Quadro Experience platform.

Included with Quadro drivers or downloadable as a standalone app, Quadro View helps streamline your workflow with a suite of desktop management tools while providing maximum flexibility and control. In short, it enables you to better manage your display and precisely arrange your workspace to your liking.

Overall, the NVIDIA Quadro Experience offers a variety of productivity tools designed to simplify your time-consuming tasks and Quadro View is no exception. Simply launch it via Quadro Experience and with its simple drag and drop process, you’ll be able to streamline productivity with some advanced (and extremely helpful) capabilities:

  • Flexible window snapping divides workspaces using display gridlines and arranges applications to regions on monitors.
  • User profiles can be saved based on personal workflows to deploy preset desktop and application configurations.
  • Window management allows you to specify how windows operate on desktops or display devices.
  • Hotkey support lets you set up hotkeys to trigger actions and quickly access common functions.

Download Quadro View as a standalone application or as part of the latest Quadro Optimal Driver for Enterprise Release 450 U1, which also includes advanced Quadro display features, additional support for Windows 10, and new studio application updates. BOXX APEXX workstations are equipped with the latest NVIDIA Quadro GPUs, so if you have any questions on how to access NVIDIA Quadro View or NVIDIA Quadro Experience, contact a BOXX performance specialist or legendary BOXX Technical Support at 877.877.BOXX.