How BOXX Drives Higher ROI

Because your workstation purchase is critical to your success and ability to thrive in a competitive marketplace, it demands a real return on your investment. Here are ten ways BOXX drives ROI.

1. RELIABILITY BOXX uses only premium components and conducts rigorous system testing to ensure rock-solid reliability and maximum productivity.

2. OPTIMIZATION In-house engineering produces system configurations that alleviate bottlenecks commodity PC manufacturers can’t.

3. PEAK PERFORMANCE BOXX performance tuning, CPU overclocking, liquid cooling, customized BIOS, and benchmarking optimize your software applications.

4. SPEED-TO-MARKET BOXX systems are powered by the latest CPUs, GPUs, and other state-of-the art technologies available months before commodity PC manufacturers.

5. CONFIGURED TO ORDER One size does not fit all. BOXX workstations are purpose-built for your specific applications and workflow, not for what other PC manufacturers assume you need.

6. VALUE When you run expensive, mission critical software, “just good enough” is not enough.

7. SCALABILITY Because your needs evolve, the custom BOXX chassis allows for expansion.

8. PREMIUM SUPPORT Our legendary, US-based, technical engineering experts know our hardware and your software.

9. COMMITTED SERVICE BOXX support ensures rapid delivery of customized systems and replacement parts.

10. BEAUTY BOXX is so committed to detail, we personally design and assemble our products in America.

Manufacturing & Product Design Calculator

To illustrate the benefits of overclocking the CPU, take a look at the following workstation comparison: a representative SOLIDWORKS user and the daily tasks he performs which are restricted by the clock speed of his CPU. For this example, let's say this user is running SOLIDWORKS on an Intel® Core™ i7 running at 3.7GHz (4.6GHz Turbo). This user needs to rebuild a model six times daily, which requires ten minutes per rebuild. This represents one hour of "wait time" daily using the single 3.7GHz CPU. A professionally overclocked BOXX APEXX workstation can perform those same tasks up to 16% faster.

This user earns an hourly rate of $43. With these assumptions, let's take a look at the costs savings that can be realized using an APEXX overclocked workstation.


You can change the blue bordered cells to see how varying hours spent waiting can affect your business.

Enter your custom pay rate in U.S. dollars:
# of Users Hours spent per week paying a designer to wait on a STANDARD system. Dollars Spent
1 5         $215.00
5   25       $1,075.00
25     125     $5,375.00
50       250   $10,750.00
100         500 $21,500.00
* based on an hourly rate of $ /hour
# of Users Hours spent per week paying a designer to wait on a BOXX system. (up to 16% faster) Dollars Spent
1 4.25         $182.75
5   21.25       $913.75
25     106.25     $4,568.75
50       212.50   $9,137.50
100         425.00 $18,275.00
* based on an hourly rate of $ /hour
# of Users Dollars saved per week Dollars saved per year Dollars saved per life cycle of system (3 years)
1 $32.25 $1,677.00 $5,031.00
5 $161.25 $8,385.00 $25,155.00
25 $806.25 $41,925.00 $125,775.00
50 $1612.50 $83,850.00 $251.550.00
100 $3225.00 $167,700.00 $503,100.00
* based on an hourly rate of $ /hour

We realize the scenario above may not be consistent with everyone's workflow.


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