PAC Storage Headquarters

Key Information:

Location: 27141 Aliso Creek Rd, 92656

City: Aliso Viejo

State: California, USA

Year Founded: 2000

Phone: (949) 360-1796

Website URL:


Featured Products

PAC Storage Enterprise Class on-premise data storage systems include dual-controllers NAS and SAN with cloud gateway option. Featuring our Gen3 enhancements on the PS Line and Gen4 NVMe (PCIe4), these systems provide high-performance and scalability along with being competitively priced. They have no single point of failure offering five nines uptime and full data protection.

PAC Storage PS2000/4000

Ultimate Speed with PAC Storage NVMe

The PAC Storage New Gen 4 NVMe SSD high speed data storage brings extreme performance in 2U 24-bay form factor with 100GbE connectivity, Intel’s latest Ice Lake Xeon D CPU, and PCIe Gen 4.

This system delivers 24GB/s Read and 12GB/s Write throughput, making it an ideal fit for such extremely demanding applications like HPC, M&E, virtualization, and database.

All PAC systems have 5 9’s uptime availability.


PAC Storage PS3000 60 Bay system

High Capacity, Performance & Flexibility with PAC Storage Hybrid NAS & SAN PS Line

The PAC Storage PS Line brings unprecedented advantages in performance, flexibility, and high expandability at a reasonable price.

The Gen 3 line supports Intel’s premium Ice Lake Xeon D CPU platform and reaches up to 16GB/s Read and 12GB/s Write speed even under high workloads. This system works extremely well for most storage applications and especially video, backup & archive.


PAC Storage PS All Flash Array system

Cost-Effective Enterprise Storage

The PAC Storage PS Line offers a variety of storage options including smaller 2U-3U form factors for SAN or NAS requirements with great ROI.

These can be configured with single or redundant controller options and many connectivity, drive and expansion options to give you the storage you need at a price that matches your budget. All PAC systems come with 3 years Warranty expandable to 10 year.