Purpose-Built for Your Workflow

From editing and visual effects, to animation, color grading, and sound design, accelerate your film and video workflow with workstations purpose-built for motion media.
Accelerate your 3D modeling workflow and increase your productivity when you power your software applications with workstations purpose-built for content creation and CAD.
Whatever you create must be rendered, so free your workstation for creative applications and offload your rendering to a dedicated, multi-GPU, BOXX rendering system purpose-built to accelerate your workflow.
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singular genomics
Lux Machina

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Discover the interesting and enlightening real-life experiences of BOXXers, the creative professionals from a variety of industries who rely on the power and performance of BOXX.

Purpose-Built for Your Software

At BOXX, we not only know our hardware, we also know your software. With support for over 400 applications, if you don’t see yours listed here, request a consultation or call a performance specialist at 877.877.BOXX to configure a hardware solution purpose-built for your software.

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No Resting on This Legacy: Enter BOXX AI

Whether it’s filmmakers, artists, engineers, researchers, or creators of any kind, a time often comes when they are satisfied with success—past or present—and feel content to rest on their laurels. This is especially tem [...]
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What We Saw at the 2024 NABShow

If you read our pre-NABShow show blog, you know we brought a “full house” to the 2024 NABShow in Las Vegas. Here’s a quick recap.       var v [...]
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We’re Holding a Full House at 2024 NABShow

You can’t talk about anything involving Las Vegas, i.e., prizefights, Elvis, the Sphere, The Killers, the Raiders (the radio announcer hollers “Jackpot!” when they score a touchdown) without the obligatory gambling refer [...]
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BOXX Cloud Takes the Lead

In 2020, BOXX introduced BOXX Cloud to provide organizations and their power users with the highest performance and the finest service and support other cloud solutions couldn’t. Our reasons were obvious. Creative prof [...]
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Strategic Partnerships Focused on Performance

We maintain close relationships with key software and hardware manufacturers, enabling us to offer a superior product tailored to your workflow and advocate on your behalf in order to find a solution to software related issues you may face.

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