Whether it’s filmmakers, artists, engineers, researchers, or creators of any kind, a time often comes when they are satisfied with success—past or present—and feel content to rest on their laurels. This is especially tempting if their legacy is impressive and secure. 

But in the fast-paced world of technology, legacies fade quickly as businesses must continually focus on not only what vendors are delivering today, but where are they going in the future. Vision matters in rapidly evolving markets and while legacies get you a seat at the table, where you are heading is a far more important factor.  

BOXX understands this need. With the launch of BOXX AI, we’re now delivering local AI that will accelerate workflows like data migration, modeling, training, tuning, and inferencing, and take workstation computing to the next level. While much of the industry has been focused on building monolithic cloud or supercomputer-based AI environments, we’re focused on bringing AI closer to the researcher and creator with these new deskside and data center systems. 

The companies that BOXX serves appreciate our 28-year legacy in media and entertainment, manufacturing, product design, architecture, engineering, construction, and more. But markets demand even more from businesses today, so they keep turning to their technology providers like BOXX to push the limits and enable incredible capabilities for their creative endeavors and most demanding workflows. 

AI is a perfect example of a “most demanding workflow.” AI is not only changing every industry; it is doing so with an almost unprecedented requirement for the very highest levels of performance, capacity, and throughput. Creators have a massive opportunity to leverage AI in a way that propels their work forward. But to do this, they need to be able to harness AI effectively, which is no small task. 

AI Developers Working in Office

As a researcher, engineer, designer, professional creator, or high-level knowledge worker, bringing AI into your workflow can deliver dramatic results in quality, speed, and consistency. At BOXX, we believe that the key to unleashing creators and knowledge workers at your organization is threefold: proximity, precision, and productivity. 

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  • Proximity (including the security proximity enables) – Your users need rapid access to AI within their workflows and you benefit from that local access being more secure and auditable. Working with massive data sets can make cloud-based AI impractical or prohibitively expensive and expose your organization to increased threat vectors and more challenging data tracking and compliance. Local AI tools on premises deliver instantaneous AI access, literally at users’ fingertips, removing the network latency and traffic issues of cloud AI along with the ingress costs, egress costs, and endemic security risks that accompany cloud-hosted data and cloud-based AI systems. 

  • Precision - AI is not a fancy trick for creators, developers, engineers or researchers, it’s a serious tool. We’ve all seen the limitations of the current “free” public models, whether it is a generated image with 6 fingers on one hand or a legal opinion that is citing cases that don’t exist. Users won’t stand for this. They need high confidence and the high precision that can only be delivered by incorporating local data under secure local control in a complete AI system with specific, highly contextual inputs instead of a global, general-purpose data set. Locally focused AI is more precise AI tuned to the exacting needs of your business. 

  • Productivity – Productivity is paramount for workstation users. The economic value of their outputs is measured in hundreds of dollars per hour (at least), so any tool that they touch needs to drive more and better output and not hinder the workflow. Taking the deskside approach means users get immediate system access, don’t have to wait in job queues, and don’t need IT infrastructure support every time they get to work. Plus, IT doesn’t have the management and oversight burden of a rental or utility cost model. Local AI helps maximize productivity by reducing or even nearly eliminating wait times and management overhead from AI in research and creative processes. 

BOXX AI brings AI in two forms. First, at the deskside with the APEXX AI T4 PRO powered by up to three NVIDIA RTX™ 6000 Ada Gen GPUs with 144MB of GPU memory and 4371 TFLOPs. Also rack-mountable for maximum utilization flexibility, this NVIDIA-certified workstation optimizes deskside AI training and inference performance for smaller AI models and can also augment data center and cloud resources for larger model development.

BOXX AI ProductsAPEXX AI T4 PRO also features the state-of-the-art AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO 7000 WX-Series processor, liquid cooling, and other industry-leading engineering for optimized performance.  Simple and scalable, with IT-easing deployment and management features, T4 PRO is also custom-configurable and highly secure with your data. 

In the data center, RAXX AI T3 PRO is a rack-mounted version of the system, featuring the same Threadripper PRO processor, the same powerful NVIDIA RTX GPUs (up to four) with 5.8 petaflops of combined AI performance and 192GB of GPU memory.  

CPUs and GPUs are obviously critical to AI workloads, but so are the fine details you’ve come to expect from BOXX. We keep your system running cool with our custom chassis design, liquid cooling, and the way we properly space the GPUs to dissipate heat. A cool AI workstation operates at peak performance, which is an absolute necessity for the rigorous demands of AI training and inference. 

That’s just for starters. We are excited to enable and accelerate our customers’ effective and productive AI adoption. To learn more, visit BOXX.com or call a BOXX performance specialist at 877.877.BOXX to learn why BOXX AI is the ideal choice for your creative, research, and design AI ambitions.