Getting What You Pay For: Workstation ROI

Getting What You Pay For: Workstation ROI

Return on Investment, ROI, the ratio between net income and investment. It’s one of the lessons that hopefully stuck with you since that first college or high school business class, or better yet, was instilled in you at an even younger age by a wise father or mother when you believed a lemonade stand was the ticket to financial prosperity. No one wants to lose money or toil for meager returns. We all want to insure that the cash we’re spending on a product or service pays off in the long run.

If you’re reading this, you’re a creator of some sort—film editor, architect, animator, engineer, 3D modeler, product designer, VFX artist, etc., and your primary tools are your software applications and your workstation computer. Like a hammer and nail, one is not much good without the other. Nails are relatively cheap, as are some applications, but that’s not always the case. If you’re an engineer or product designer, you know exactly what I mean.

Along with the often hefty price tag comes annual software updates, and if your hardware is not up to speed, good luck getting the most out of the application’s latest features, especially if you rely on a one-size-fits-all system from one of the big name commodity PC manufacturers.

Not to go all cliché on you, but time is money. Really. Whether you’re a small business owner or an enterprise corporation, you need professional-grade, purpose-built hardware custom- configured to optimize your professional grade software. That’s how you save time, save money, increase productivity, and increase profit. It’s also the definition of ROI. Here’s how BOXX workstations drive higher ROI.

First up is RELIABILITY. BOXX uses only premium components and conducts rigorous system testing to ensure rock-solid reliability and maximum productivity. In your business, down time means lost revenue, so your reliable BOXX will stay up and running. How reliable? We regularly hear from customers still using BOXX workstations 10, 12, or 15 years old.

Next is OPTIMIZATION. Our in-house engineering produces system configurations that alleviate the bottlenecks commodity PC manufacturers can’t. In other words, BOXX workstations solve workflow problems.

PEAK PERFORMANCE is another key factor and it arrives in the form of BOXX performance tuning, CPU overclocking, liquid cooling, customized BIOS, and benchmarking to do exactly what you pay for it to do--optimize your software applications.

You should never have to wait to create, so that’s why we insist on SPEED-TO-MARKET. BOXX systems are powered by the latest CPUs, GPUs, and other state-of-the art technologies often available months before commodity PC manufacturers can ship. BOXX agility is well known. You can steer a kayak a lot faster than an ocean liner, so in the time it takes our competitors to put together an ad campaign and recalibrate their production lines, BOXX is shipping systems equipped with the latest components and tech.

Because a professional grade workstation is a serious investment, you must insist on getting what you pay for. BOXX systems are CONFIGURED TO ORDER because workflows are often unique and may require multiple applications. One size does not fit all, so BOXX workstations are purpose-built for your specific applications and workflow, not for what other PC manufacturers assume you need.

Another key attribute is VALUE. I don’t need to tell you this, but when you run expensive, mission critical software, “just good enough” is not enough. BOXX isn’t manufacturing a decent computer. We’re custom building for you, hands down, the best workstation you’ve ever owned.

With that in mind, let’s not forget about SCALABILITY. Workflows change, applications upgrade, your business offers more services, and your needs evolve. Because of those realities, our custom BOXX chassis allows for expansion. Add another GPU (or two)? No problem. Need more RAM, we’ve got you covered.

At one time or another, everyone needs a problem-solving genius, that’s why there is legendary BOXX Technical Support. Our PREMIUM SUPPORT is not only comprised of US-based, technical engineering experts who know our hardware and your software, they’re also located inside BOXX headquarters in Austin, Texas, where your workstation was assembled.

Closely aligned with legendary BOXX Technical Support is our COMMITTED SERVICE. BOXX support ensures rapid delivery of customized systems and replacement parts, but that’s only half of the story. BOXX can send a quote, build, and ship a workstation to a customer all before a commodity PC manufacturer can even produce the quote. That’s documented, and remember, time is money.

This last one may surprise you, but it’s BEAUTY. BOXX is so committed to detail, we personally design and assemble our products in America. Renowned vehicle/concept designer and BOXXer Daniel Simon (Top Gun: Maverick, TRON: Legacy, Captain America, Oblivion) refers to his BOXX as “industrial, like a real piece of machinery— elegant, heavy-duty machinery.” In addition to his long list of creative talents, the man has a way with words.

Your workstation purchase is critical to your success and ability to thrive in a competitive marketplace, therefore, it demands a real return on your investment. Join thousands of creative BOXXers throughout the world and configure the best workstation you’ll ever own at If you need expert assistance, chat online with a BOXX pro, or call 877.877.BOXX.