For 27 years, BOXX has been designing and manufacturing purpose-built workstations and by purpose-built, we mean systems designed for specific applications and workflows. One of those major applications is SOLIDWORKS. BOXX engineers use this application in the design of our custom workstation enclosures and we have long been a SOLIDWORKS Partner, 3D Experience World sponsor, and an active supporter of SOLIDWORKS User Groups (SWUGs). That said, over the years we have had multiple workstations certified by SOLIDWORKS, so you may think we find it to be old hat by now.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

BOXX is tremendously proud of our longstanding partnership with SOLIDWORKS and dedicated to supporting the many engineers and product designers worldwide who rely on this renowned application and our BOXX systems purpose-built to support it. As rigorously as SOLIDWORKS benchmarks systems in order to attain certification, so does BOXXlabs. And just as SOLIDWORKS is always innovating and introducing new and improved versions of the software, BOXX keeps pace by upgrading and implementing the latest components so SOLIDWORKS users can optimize all of the applications latest features. As we like to say around here, “Try a BOXX SOLIDWORKS workstation and discover how the application is supposed to run.”

Our latest SOLIDWORKS Certified Solution is the newest edition of our flagship workstation, the APEXX S3. Highly revered by BOXX SOLIDWORKS users, APEXX S3 is powered by a 13th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 or i9 processor performance tuned to 6.0GHz. Since SOLIDWORKS is a lightly threaded application, the frequency of that processor is key to the software’s performance. Also essential to optimizing SOLIDWORKS performance are S3 features like liquid cooling, the availability of up to two NVIDIA® RTX™ Ada generation GPUs, and now up to 192GB of RAM.

Visit our SOLIDWORKS Solutions page, SOLIDWORKS Simulation page, and SOLIDWORKS Visualize page for configurations and purpose-built suggested systems. For more in-depth answers to any questions you may have, contact a BOXX SOLIDWORKS performance specialist via chat or call at 877.877.BOXX.