AI Workstations

As artificial intelligence is further integrated into software applications, purpose-built workstations are required to power these AI-augmented workflows. Whether you’re developing and training your own models or improving existing models with data to generate new insights and ideas, BOXX AI workstations, machine learning workstations, and deep learning workstations featuring the latest GPUs accelerate the most demanding AI workloads.


AI Workloads


AI Training & Development

Accuracy and efficiency are needed when training models which may require multiple iterations. The faster these iterations can be completed, the faster the project can move toward discovery and deployment. The flexibility and capability of BOXX AI workstations accelerate that process, enabling essential compute resources for training, model fine-tuning, and experimentation, as well as augmenting data center and cloud resources, right at your desk.

AI Inference

When using trained models to make predictions and decisions, or using generative AI for rapidly evolving AI-augmented workflows, high-performance GPUs with large amounts of GPU memory accelerate productivity. NVIDIA RTX™ acceleration is designed for the AI-enabled applications of today and tomorrow—whether it's needed at a desk or in small-form-factor solutions for powerful inferencing at the edge.

Data Analytics

For data analytics projects, local compute resources at the desktop provide flexibility to run data and model experimentation cost effectively. This is also a stepping stone to data center and cloud resources which accommodate larger runs or global deployment. NVIDIA's full stack of GPU-accelerated frameworks make this transition seamless so your work moves wherever you need it to without reinventing the wheel.

Why AI on a Workstation?

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Iterative Model Training

Smaller model training allows for further iterations and testing of new concepts before spending resources on large models.

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Upfront investment may improve the total cost of ownership compared to metering payments requiring long contracts and complex licensing.

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Multiple configuration options enable you to determine performance based on the level your model requires.

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Data Security

Train with confidence on local compute resources to meet requirements for sensitive and proprietary enterprise datasets like customer information or intellectual property content.

Powered by NVIDIA AI Workbench

The world’s most advanced AI platform with full-stack innovation in computing, software, and AI models and services, NVIDIA AI Workbench is designed for data scientists, application developers, and software infrastructure engineers developing computer vision, speech, natural language processing (NLP), generative AI, recommender systems, and more. Deploy accelerated AI inference with the NVIDIA platform.

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Equipped with the right components purpose-built to run your AI workload, BOXX APEXX AI workstations are powered by the latest NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada Generation GPUs and new Intel® Xeon® W series processors.

To accelerate data transfer and compute capabilities, high performance BOXX APEXX AI workstations feature state-of-the art technologies like PCIe Gen 5.0, DDR5 ECC memory, and NVMe SSDs. Because the model demands substantial memory to store parameters and iterations for applications which require real-time interactions, memory and latency are key to AI. To support the GPU, NVIDIA recommends 2x the amount of system memory.

Recommended AI Workstations

  Essential - APEXX W3 Advanced - APEXX W4 Elite - RAXX W3
CPU: Intel Xeon W5-2465X Intel Xeon W7-3455 Intel Xeon W9-3475X
CPU Cooling: Liquid-cooled Liquid-cooled Liquid-cooled
Memory: 128GB DDR5-4800 MHz ECC 256GB DDR5-4800 MHz ECC 512GB DDR5-4800 MHz ECC
Storage: 2x 1.0TB SSD NVMe/PCIe 4.0 M.2 Drive 2x 2.0TB SSD NVMe/PCIe 4.0 M.2 Drive 2x 4.0TB SSD NVMe/PCIe 4.0 M.2 Drive
GPU: 1x NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada 48GB 2x NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada 48GB 4x NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada 48GB
OS: Windows 11 Windows 11 Windows 11
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Essential - APEXX W3
Intel Xeon W5-2465X
128GB DDR5-4800 MHz ECC
2x 1.0TB SSD NVMe/PCIe 4.0 M.2 Drive
1x NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada 48GB
Windows 11
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Advanced - APEXX W4
Intel Xeon W7-3455
256GB DDR5-4800 MHz ECC
2x 2.0TB SSD NVMe/PCIe 4.0 M.2 Drive
2x NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada 48GB
Windows 11
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Elite - RAXX W3
Intel Xeon W9-3475X
512GB DDR5-4800 MHz ECC
2x 4.0TB SSD NVMe/PCIe 4.0 M.2 Drive
4x NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada 48GB
Windows 11
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