Cloud based workstations built for demanding applications

Delivering robust performance from BOXX performance tuned, cloud based workstations, BOXX Cloud workstation as a service frees users from their desktops, enabling secure, remote work from home or office.

BOXX CLoud Performance
BOXX Cloud: Performance Beyond Hyperscalers
Benchmarks reveal how BOXX Cloud empowers the most demanding users with performance and service other solutions can’t provide.
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In this free informative eBook, you’ll learn how secure BOXX Cloud remote workstations accelerate CAD workflows while removing IT burdens typically associated with remote work support.

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High Performance Cloud Based Workstations Focused on Demanding Workflows

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Cloud workstation as a service powered by purpose-built BOXX workstations

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Tuned to deliver performance identical to desk-side workstations

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Leverages Anyware to deliver a remote experience like no other

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Powered by FLEXX

  • • FLEXX transforms individual BOXX workstations into high density form factor compute nodes purpose-built to accelerate remote or onsite workflows.
  • • Each node delivers the same power and performance of a bare metal, desk side workstation


The BOXX Cloud Difference

Beyond a traditional cloud provider, a managed service designed to empower your users.



easy on-boarding

windows OS


eliminates application incompatibility & support risks

chat windows


no additional training or certification



extend data center without complexity & cost of onsite private cloud



the only service with dedicated NVIDIA® RTX™ GPUs



client and project info never leave datacenter



Performance Levels You Need

BOXX Cloud provides high performance workstations for every user persona. Our standard nodes are exceptional, but for those with more demanding needs, we offer a higher capable node. For those in need of lower performance for task workers and administrative, we also offer a lower performance node. Read BOXX Cloud: Performance Beyond Hyperscalers to find out how the backbone of BOXX Cloud, FLEXX empowers the most demanding users with performance and service other solutions can’t provide.

Standard Node

Provided from a dedicated workstation featuring 8 CPU cores, 32GB of RAM, 1TB of NVMe storage, and an NVIDIA A4000 GPU.

High-End Node

Double the CPU core count to 16, up to 128GB of RAM, and storage scalable beyond the standard 1TB of NVMe.

Entry Level Node

For viewer only and lower performance users, we also offer a base performance configuration of 4 CPU cores, 16GB of RAM, and 500GB of NVMe.



Looking for Insight and Expertise?

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Achieve Maximum Application Performance

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Discover how BOXX Cloud performance, capabilities, and quality can benefit your organization. Qualified customers can test drive BOXX Cloud and receive 30 days of free, supported access.

Modernizing the Delivery of Your Workflow

Architecture, Engineering & Construction

BOXX Cloud provides ultimate performance for your AEC workflow with cloud-hosted, performance-tuned, AEC remote workstations purpose-built to optimize Revit®, AutoCAD®, and other Autodesk applications. Learn More

Content & Game Development

High performance BOXX Cloud workstations allow content creators to work at full speed. Leverage standard or proprietary development tools and gain an edge in having a dedicated cloud workstation platform that can be used by all of your team, regardless of their location. With options for local shared storage and the ability to use standard NVIDIA professional and GeForce drivers, BOXX Cloud removes the content development constraints imposed by other cloud offerings. Learn More

Manufacturing & Product Design

BOXX Cloud’s combination of performance-tuned workstations with NVIDIA RTX™ GPUs accelerates SOLIDWORKS and other MPD applications like never before, delivering workstation-as-a-service without compromise. Learn More



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