IRS Section 179 Means Workstation Savings

IRS Section 179 Means Workstation Savings

With COVID still in play, as well as a number of other factors impacting our economy, it’s completely understandable that creative professionals and enterprise businesses relying on high performance computer hardware are approaching 2021 expenditures with caution. We all are, and at this point, beneficial information of any sort is certainly welcome.

The good news is…we have good news.

It comes in the form of IRS Section 179. (I know what you’re thinking: IRS and “good news” are completely incompatible terms). I would normally agree with you, but this time, you’re wrong. IRS Section 179 can actually give you the boost you need to gear up for 2021. With a little help from Marlin Capital Solutions , our preferred financing partner. I’ll explain how.*


IRS Section 179 allows:

  • Deductions of up to $1,050,000 for the total value of capital equipment (increased for 2021)
  • Deductions on the full amount of equipment before it's paid in full
  • More buying power for you

The short of it is, when you finance your computer hardware and take advantage of IRS Section 179, your deductions typically exceed the total amount you paid for the lease for the entire year. The end result is a lower tax burden and a higher bottom line for your business. More good news, IRS Section 179 can also be used with payment deferral programs (like the 90-day deferral for qualified customers offered by our friends at Marlin).

You can be cautious and still be proactive. If you gutted it out in 2020 with outdated systems, make 2021 the year you update your hardware. It’s the surest way to increase productivity and profit. Your BOXX performance specialists are here to support you and your business, so call 1.877.877.BOXX today and we’ll run our IRS Section 179 calculator for you (thanks for that, Marlin) so you can see the amount of savings possible when you finance your new BOXX system(s). As they say on TV, don’t wait, call us today.


*For more information on the benefits of IRS Section 179, please consult your tax professional.