BOXX AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ 7000 Series and Threadripper™ PRO 7000 WX-Series Workstations

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AMD Ryzen Threadripper Workstation Processor Options

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 7000 Series Processor

Available in both a tower and subcompact workstation and capable of reaching speeds up to 5.3GHz, BOXX APEXX T-Class AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ workstations (up to 64 cores/128 threads) are purpose-built for demanding 3D content creation and motion media, as well as real-time visualization.

AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 7000 WX-Series Processor

BOXX APEXX T4 PRO AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO workstations (up to 96 cores/192 threads) are incredibly versatile platforms, delivering unrivaled performance for demanding 3D content creation, motion media, and rendering, as well as complex simulation, generative design and software compilation.

Threadripper vs Threadripper pro

For the highest value per core, AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ 7000 Series processors are an excellent choice. But if your applications and workflow are GPU-intensive, include memory bandwidth-dependent applications or NICs and storage devices requiring more PCIe lanes, AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO 7000 WX-Series processors are the optimal choice. Threadripper PRO CPUs also feature additional security features.



Choose the Right Threadripper Workstation for Your Workflow

APEXX T3 image

APEXX T3 is best suited for Adobe Creative Cloud, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Maya, and 3ds Max.

APEXX T4 image

APEXX T4 is ideal for those same applications, but its larger chassis offers additional features to power real-time visualization in Revit, Unreal Engine, Lumion, Cinema 4D, V-Ray, and DaVinci Resolve.

APEXX T4 PRO image

APEXX T4 PRO is ideal for all the same applications as T4, as well as CAE applications like those from Ansys, along with AI, simulation, and demanding rendering workloads.

RAXX T3 PRO image

RAXX T3 PRO is ideal for all the same applications and workloads as T4 PRO, but is a dedicated rack mounted system to accommodate enterprise organization flexibility and remote work.


Select Your Chassis

BOXX product name explainer


A subcompact tower, APEXX T3 maximizes desk side productivity. The “quiet giant” APEXX T4 and T4 PRO tower offers all the features of the APEXX T3, as well as a more robust power supply and accommodation for the largest GPUs like NVIDIA GeForce for 3ds Max, Revit, Adobe Creative Cloud, Unreal Engine, Lumion, and Cinema 4D real-time visualization. It also enables demanding GPU rendering workflows (V-Ray, DaVinci Resolve) thanks to support for larger PCIe cards. The chassis can also be rack mounted, providing even greater flexibility. The RAXX T3 PRO chassis is rack mount only, but fits any size rack.


BOXX Chassis size comparison

*Capabilities listed here are subject to change.  
Boxx Product Family T-Class T-Class T PRO-Class T PRO-Class T PRO-Class
Desk Side
Small Tower
Liquid Cooling
Redundant Power Supply
AMD Chipset TRX50 TRX50 WRX90 WRX90 WRX90
ZEN 4 Architecture
Max. Cores/Threads up to 64/128 up to 64/128 up to 96/193 up to 96/192 up to 96/192
5.0 PCIe Lanes 48 48 128 128 128
System Memory Capacity up to 384GB up to 384GB over 384GB over 384GB over 384GB
Core Base Clock up to 4.2GHz up to 4.2GHz up to 2.5GHz up to 2.5GHz up to 2.5GHz
Max. Boost Frequency up to 5.3GHz up to 5.3GHz up to 5.1GHz up to 5.1GHz up to 5.1GHz
GPUs up to 2 up to 2 large 2@ x16 up to 4 (or 2 large) up to 4
L3 Cache up to 256MB up to 256MB up to 384MB up to 384MB up to 384MB
Memory 4 Channel 4 Channel 8 Channel 8 Channel 8 Channel
Socket sTR5 sTR5 sTR5 sTR5 sTR5
Max. Memory 1TB 1TB 2TB 2TB 2TB
DIMM Slots 4 4 4 8 8
M.2 Drives 3 (up to 4TB each) 3 (up to 4TB each) 3 (up to 4TB each) 3 (up to 4TB each) 4 (up to 4TB each)
I/O Types USB A,C/Audio, Mic USB A,C/Audio, Mic USB A,C/Audio, Mic USB A,C/Audio, Mic USB A,C/Audio
PRO Security Features
PRO Manageability Features
AMD PRO Business Ready
Starting Price $6,364 $7,342 $$$ $11,056 $12,650

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