Revit 2.12 for Students

Revit 2.12 for Students

Autodesk Revit is a software application intended for architects and engineers to design, visualize and collaborate with others on digital drawings. The software helps conceptualize ideas by allowing users to outline and model features for their specific projects. Users can design windows, floor plans, and even create a pipe-flow simulation which all appear in 3D. These models help professionals create more realistic and in-depth designs to be used in their field of work.


Notably, Revit was not made just for professionals. It can be used by anyone, even aspiring students. Although they may experience a learning curve in the beginning, students must be persistent in learning the program. The return will add immense value to their resume and make them ideal candidates for employers after college. Ideally, this allows students to gain a competitive edge over their peers.


Likewise, students can download the free Revit software for as long as they are eligible students. To access the software, students can visit the Autodesk website, scroll down to the Revit tab, and create an account. The website will then provide further instructions on how to directly download the newest version of the program onto their desktop.


The latest version of Revit, Revit 2.12, has new features that steadily enhance students’ experience with the software. The new update displays more collaborative features such as duplicate sheets, which allow you to reproduce title blocks and parameters as well as the view of the sheet. You can snap to the middle of two points, place components, sketch and measure quickly, and experience improved IFC performance. These features allow students to make the most of their time and the software.


As for local rendering, the software comes with an assortment of resources and materials to enhance diagrams with features such as texture, lighting, surfaces and more. You can add lighting and electrical wires to create more realistic designs in 2D and 3D, as well.


These features draw from one CPU core, which makes core speed a vital consideration as it saves time and improves productivity. This also allows for high-speed customizations to be made to projects with ease.


Regarding core speed, Revit performance is optimized with the performance-tuned, Intel-based BOXX APEXX S3 workstation, as well as the AMD Ryzen-based APEXX A3. Another solid choice is a GoBOXX laptop, which one architecture student chose to accelerate her Revit workflow. All of these BOXX systems enable students to accomplish a multitude of tasks like structural simulations, centrally shared models, 3D modeling, and rendering. Likewise, Revit with BOXX is multifaceted, allowing groups of students to work together on a singular model.


To configure your ideal Revit system, visit the BOXX Revit solutions page  or speak to a Revit performance specialist at 877.877.BOXX. BOXX works closely with Autodesk to ensure that its purpose-built Revit systems are rigorously tested to optimize the software and all of its features.    


Ultimately, Revit is a great piece of software for architecture and engineering students to begin their learning career. By supporting the application with a BOXX Revit solution, students will find ease in implementing ideas, collaborating with partners, and ultimately gaining an edge in their respective careers.