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Computer-aided design (CAD) software allows users to render 2D drawings and 3D models, making the design process highly specialized and efficient. Before the advent of digitalized design software, models had to be constructed manually by hand. As other businesses have adopted cutting-edge technologies to make work more efficient and profitable, so too have the architecture, engineering, and construction industries. With the help of CAD software, architects, engineers, and designers can complete complex projects quickly, achieving business objectives with heightened clarity and creativity.

The Benefits of Using CAD Software

3D designs are easier for employees and clients to work with. Without CAD software, structural designs are created by sketching ideas on paper—an old-fashioned and time-consuming technique. Instead of relying on 2D drafting techniques, CAD software allows you to create 3D objects, zoom in and out on models, and spin them around to give you a greater understanding of their design and functionality.

CAD software also allows for simulation. After creating your 3D model, you can perform analysis on it, depending on the kind of software used. Structural, thermal, and mechanism analysis help confirm your design’s credibility, potentially saving you a lot of time and money on physical real-world tests.

Greater flexibility provided by 3D rendering software programs like CAD not only assist the architect or engineer but guide planning and operations teams forward with greater efficiency too. Once a design is completed in the program, it can be marketed without having to install native authoring software if others want to view, examine, or share its design.

CAD Software in the AEC Community

Architects rely on CAD software to design digital models of office buildings and commercial structures before any construction begins. Important aspects like measurements, volumes, and weights are understood before buildings are erected, ensuring heightened efficiency and safety. However, the complexity of the calculations required to create models that will not fail leads to high performance system needs. Every year, CAD software advances further and requires more horsepower on the hardware side.

BOXX Hardware Solutions

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