Blender 2.82 – Feature Updates

Blender 2.82 – Feature Updates

The latest version of Blender is finally out, and it comes with lots of new exciting features, such as:

  • A brand new physically-based liquid/gas simulation system using Mantaflow which allows you to create fire and smoke simulations, and improvements in cloth physics
  • Improved liquid and cloth animations
  • UDIM, the popular tiled-based UV mapping system, is now fully integrated in Blender’s pipeline
  • Support for Pixar’s Universal Scene Description, which allows for artists to easily collaborate on the same assets and scenes across different content creation applications
  • Support for the AI Denoiser from OptiX, which is particularly helpful when viewport rendering
  • Updates to Rigify, Add Mesh Extra objects, BlenderKit
  • New add-ons like Import Palettes, PDT, Add Node Presets, Collection manager, Sun position and the Amaranth toolkit
  • And more!1

If you use Blender, you probably know that it prefers more CPU cores over high per-core frequencies when rendering. If you haven’t upgraded in a while, or are just tired of waiting for projects to finish and want to iterate faster, consider BOXX’s brand-new APEXX T3. Configurable with your choice of 24, 32, or 64 cores in a single socket, it blazes through rendering projects and other multi-threaded content creation workflows like nothing else on the market. It also comes with room for multiple GPUs, up to 256GB of RAM, and up to three high-speed M.2 NVMe SSDs for the fastest read/write speeds when working on projects.

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The APEXX T3, seen here in its natural habitat.