Some exciting news from Avid is rippling across the video editing world. If you just read this and said to yourself, “This doesn’t affect me, I use Premiere Pro,” don’t stop reading yet, as it may very well impact you—and in a very positive way. The news is that Avid and Adobe have been working together to “break the content silo.” This is major. Beginning in early October, 2020, you’ll now be able to seamlessly collaborate within Avid-based environments because Premiere Pro will be capable of fully importing Avid bins, sequences, layers, third-party effects, and more. The upcoming Avid lightweight software plugin is called MediaCentral Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro and allows Premiere Pro editors to connect with post workflows for news and sports, while offering Avid storage, asset management, and team collaboration. In short, this will allow you to browse, search, access, and edit content and metadata without ever leaving Premiere.

The Avid MediaCentral platform with MediaCentral | Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro offers a more efficient media production workflow where teams that create content for digital platforms, social media, and marketing can easily share and deliver content on the same infrastructure employed by broadcast teams. Keep in mind, MediaCentral is primarily a media and metadata manager (with minimal editing capabilities) designed to export sequences out to devices. News reporters out in the field who upload footage, produce rough cuts (with the web-browser interface), and send it to an editor to refine in Avid Media Composer, will still use that same process, but now it will also be compatible with Premiere. For news, documentary, and unscripted reality show editors who rely on PhraseFind or ScriptSync, another welcome feature is that the plugin also lets you do phonetic searches inside of Premiere.

Ray Thompson, Director of Market Solutions, Broadcast and Media at Avid says, “We’re bridging together the two largest communities of professional creative tools users and solving common problems that get in the way of everyone trying to evolve faster and work more collaboratively. Today, digital first production teams and marketing departments that rely on Adobe Premiere Pro now can seamlessly work in Avid production environments leveraging industry-proven production and asset management and storage solutions to browse, search, edit, share and distribute content easily. We’re just getting started with Adobe to make enhancements we know our users will welcome.” 

“Just getting started”? That’s fantastic news to be sure. And if you’re wondering what Adobe has to say about all of this, it’s equally encouraging.

“Creators and editors want powerful creative capabilities in the storytelling process–but they also want speed to get great content out as quickly as possible,” said Van Bedient, Head of Strategic Development at Adobe. “The Media Central | Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro enables powerful collaborative workflows in Avid production environments, allowing creatives to keep pace with the demands of news and sports content production.”

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On a final note, Avid will host a Breaking the Content Silo Webinar, which will highlight the new integrated workflow, on Thursday, Sept. 24 at 2 p.m. EST/11 a.m. Pacific. Register at the link. To learn more,visit .