Everyone wants to talk about work-from-home. There are probably even more bloggers who want to write about it. (Trust me on that point based simply upon the amount of query emails I receive).  Due to the lockdowns, a number of remote workers have discovered its primary benefits:

  • Eliminating commutes
  • Working from anywhere
  • Flexible schedule
  • Better work/life balance

So, it looks like a lot of advantages for employees, but what about employers?  If you own an architecture or engineering design studio, or film/video production studio, where are your benefits?

The most obvious, of course, is a reduced need for brick and mortar office space which means savings in rent and utilities. Lower overhead is always welcome, especially from your CFO, but besides savings (and the news that recent studies show remote workers work longer hours) the employer end of the remote work equation is more about facilitating employee success. The benefits come later. 


Enable Your Employees

The idea of employee enablement is nothing new. In short, it’s the idea that an organization can accelerate growth if its employees are allowed to explore their potential by learning new tasks, sharing in some decision making, and gaining experience. This is ideal for a team with talented employees throughout the country who, even though they are distanced, will be more receptive to a management system that ensures greater freedom and opportunity for development. Enabling employees who are creative pros (architects, product designers, VFX artists, animators, etc.) also requires that you supply them with desk side workstations and/or laptops capable of powering their 3D applications—just like at the office.


Cloud Communication

Your organization likely facilitates discussion and collaboration through regular video conference meetings on services like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, etc. But in addition to universal business communication like that, collaboration is key to architecture (especially BIM) engineering, product design, post production, or in other words, the key markets BOXX serves. That’s why products like FLEXX or BOXX Cloud are purpose-built to support remote, seamless CAD application performance which also accommodates team collaboration. BOXX hardware solutions and services are the next best thing to a group of engineers or architects huddled around a monitor suggesting key iterations.



The increased dependence on remote work and cloud computing means cybersecurity is more important than ever before. You have to protect your data, as well as that of your clients. It would be catastrophic for your business if you failed to secure your client’s new building design, product design, or upcoming motion picture release from hackers. This is why a service like BOXX Cloud is so ideal. In addition to providing simple migration to the cloud and seamless application performance, BOXX Cloud:

  • Relies on Teradici PCoIP providing the performance of being at the local workstation with high security.
  • Ensures only remote graphics pixel and keyboard/mouse/controller information is sent across AES 256-bit encryption.
  • Features hardened U.S.-based datacenters where BOXX Cloud isolates customer resources in their own secure tenants.

Even as COVID dissipates as a result of vaccines and herd immunity, work-from-home in some form or fashion is here to stay. Much of the work that goes into hiring and retaining talented personnel (from anywhere) who can also accelerate the growth of your organization is key— and it hinges on your ability to facilitate their success with organizational structure and the right hardware solutions.