Why NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise Matters for AEC

Why NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise Matters for AEC

Even prior to the pandemic, advances in technology and cloud computing were making remote collaboration a reality for architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) teams. But in the wake of the lockdowns, the number of remote workers has quickly increased so that we’ll see (at the very least) a permanent shift toward hybrid architecture firms of onsite and remote contributors. One could argue that this evolution is more by design than circumstance since larger firms have long relied on national or global project teams within their design pipeline. Enabling geographically distant teams to work faster, more efficiently, and affordably in real time was always a goal, pandemic or not.

But how do you make it work for your architecture firm?



I’ll begin by addressing the challenges faced by project teams. First of all, you have large, diverse teams with specific workflows and multiple skills. Each skill requires its own software applications and system setup, from workstation to data center (physical or virtualized). In addition, these architects, designers, BIM managers, and other contributors may be working remotely or scattered throughout the world.

Secondly, production pipelines have become increasingly complex with real-time ray tracing, rendering, simulation, and more as key workflow components. To further complicate matters, the array of tools necessary to enable these workflows are often incompatible, leading to long, linear workflows burdened by time consuming export-import tasks. Lastly, the demand for faster time-to-solution, multiple iterations, and the expectation of true-to reality simulation and photorealism is increasing as well.


NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise

This is why NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise is so welcome. It directly addresses the aforementioned challenges, making real-time, seamless, simultaneous collaboration a reality. So what else does Omniverse Enterprise do? Read on.


Cost and Waste Reduction

Simultaneous collaboration enables instantaneous iterations to a project file at any layer, resulting in faster time to production with less redundancy and waste. Plus, the Omniverse Enterprise “single source of truth” workflow saves on costs incurred to store large, redundant file copies.


Increased Value of Existing Infrastructure

Omniverse Enterprise unites AEC teams working across disjointed systems and incompatible software applications while also maximizing the value of existing infrastructure by unlocking live-sync collaboration between applications. It’s also the ideal solution to the hybrid/remote work challenge, giving your firm the ability to connect project contributors across any NVIDIA RTX professional system.


No Productivity/Innovation Trade-off

Omniverse Enterprise allows teams to make maximum iterations at no opportunity cost, meaning they can take more creative risks with no time or effort sacrificed, leading to superior production quality.


Accelerated Time to Production

Omniverse Enterprise eliminates tedious, linear exporting/importing. With a single click to ultra high fidelity, it enables all team members to review detailed designs, renders and simulations.


Review cycle

Reviewing for both internal approval and customer sign off becomes much easier with centralized assets. Take for example being on the phone with a customer and having the requested changes done in real-time. The time to project completion could be greatly reduced with live editing sessions rather than trading endless email change requests.



The NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise platform offers easy-to-deploy, end-to-end collaboration and true-to-reality simulation that will transform complex architectural workflows for firms of any size. It unites project teams, creative assets, and software applications in a shared virtual space, enabling all to collaborate on a project file simultaneously. In terms of ROI, real-time interoperability across those applications means multiple iterations at no opportunity cost. You can also maximize creative risk to reach improved quality and innovation—and to meet critical post deadlines.

Finally, NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise  is optimized and certified to run on NVIDIA RTX professional mobile workstations (like BOXX Technologies’ GoBOXX) and NVIDIA-Certified Systems including BOXX APEXX workstations, RAXX rack mounted systems, or FLEXX data center platforms (bare metal or virtualized solutions). BOXX systems are purpose-built for AEC creative applications like Autodesk Revit, as well as a multitude of render engines.

Learn more about BOXX AEC NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise solutions at https://www.boxx.com/ove.