Resources For Working From Home

Resources For Working From Home

The novel coronavirus has us all planted firmly at home, and those of us that can work remotely have been doing so for months now. If this has been your first experience working from home, you likely already see there are both benefits and drawbacks to this type of situation. As more and more businesses realize the cost savings and convenience of having a fully or partially remote workforce, there’s a good chance that your desk may be permanent at your home address. Here are some resources that can help as you acclimate to your new environment.


For Employers

If you find that your current employees could use backup and support as they make the transition, particularly if WAH will be a permanent option, this might help.

A Guide to Managing Your (Newly) Remote Workers

Digital Trends: How to Set Up a VPN

6 Ways to Keep Your Team Productive While Working From Home


For Employees

Working from home is not always a walk in the park. Information on how to manage below.

How to Separate Work and Life When You Work At Home

Designing a Home Office

Consider Purchasing a Workstation Computer

Here's How to Keep Your Desk Organized

Working At Home With Kids

How Much Money Can You Save Working from Home?


For Everyone

It’s likely that many of us struggled in the early days of running a remote workplace. Here are some ways to overcome some of those struggles and how to claim your home office deduction if this becomes a long-term situation.

5 Productivity and Self-Care Tips While You Work from Home

Turbo Tax: The Home Office Deduction

9 Tips to Improve Work-Life Balance When Working From Home


Working at home is a delicate balance, as even those who have been at it for some time (and prefer it) can attest. On the flip side, there are many employees who are happy to be back in the office now and those who look forward to returning soon. But if you are one of the many whose job is now in the official "work-from-home" category and you're still having difficulty adjusting, the balance can be found. The information in the links above can go a long way toward getting you into a new groove.


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