Recently, I published a LinkedIn post regarding data science workstations and the challenges scientists (and non scientists alike) face when dealing with a large amounts of data.

The time it takes to wrangle, prep, and clean data which can then be visualized and used to make predictions is significant and most data scientists have only  limited computing resources. Businesses encounter similar challenges with a wealth of data available that remains untapped due to computer limitations. With the lengthy processes of ingesting and analyzing, big data projects can take days or sometimes weeks, severly impacting the productivity of data science and analytics teams. The solution is purpose-built data science workstations which accelerate the entire workflow, from data prep and model training, to visualization.

This concept is taking root as more and more individuals and organizations become data driven. The primary reason for this? More data means greater opportunities to extract insights and enhance business value. However, in order to support data science applications and large datasets, substantial computing power is essential. Extremely fast, multi-core CPUs, ample memory, and multiple GPUs are standard system requirements and typical “high-end” configurations from commodity hardware providers have proven to be inadequate.

At BOXX, where purpose-built hardware, industry-leading computing power, and unparalleled support are the norm, we’ve partnered with NVIDIA to deliver the ultimate in data science value. BOXX Data Science Workstations include fully integrated hardware and software for instant productivity, faster model development and training, and 24/7 enterprise-class compatibility and reliability. From APEXX workstations to the NVIDIA DGX Station and DGX-1, only BOXX provides a complete line of NVIDIA-powered data science workstations featuring NVIDIA Quadro® RTX™ GPUs and leading data science software. Highly scalable, these workstations can be initially configured with a single or dual NVIDIA Quadro RTX GPU, and as your workload increases, scale-out to a four or eight GPU cluster.

An in-house data science workstation can be a substantial investment, but the advantages of working locally with no cloud costs, the peace of mind that results from the ideal configuration running without issues, and the aforementioned business benefits of data science, all contribute to genuine ROI. 

To learn more, contact a  BOXX data science performance specialist at 1.877.877.BOXX or visit our website. Also, I highly recommend data scientist George Seif’s recent detailed review (with benchmarks) of a BOXX APEXX workstation—a must-read for any organization looking to deploy data science.