Purpose Built for Performance

Purpose Built for Performance

New BOXXlabs Whitepaper a Must-read on the Advantages of Overclocking

At BOXX we talk a lot about accelerating your applications and workflow. Our goal is simple. Whether you’re an architect, engineer, product designer, VFX artist, animator, film editor, data scientist, or a student who aspires to earn one of these professional titles, we want to empower you to work faster than ever before. Working faster and more efficiently saves time, saves money, increases productivity, and increases profits. BOXX doesn’t exist only to sell workstations. You have the commodity PC manufacturers for that. We’re here to facilitate your success and deliver true ROI to our customers.

And because of that, we also talk a lot about professional overclocking.  

It’s no secret that (for many years), PC enthusiasts have taken advantage of CPU headroom and employed techniques to make that processor run at higher frequencies. Intel and AMD eventually recognized the importance of this market and began offering customers the option to set the frequency. This allows BOXX to qualify the processor at a higher frequency (currently 5.1 GHz in our APEXX S3) and therefore, provide performance unavailable from the commodity PC manufacturers. We then qualify the enterprise-class components needed and match it all with state-of-the-art liquid cooling to keep the CPU within a thermal envelope, ensuring rock-solid reliability and longevity backed by a 3-yr warranty and legendary tech support.

Thousands of professionally overclocked BOXX workstations have been in use throughout the world since 2008 and we’ve never experienced a processor failure rate any different from that of standard processor systems. This is because we work closely with our partners at Intel and AMD to ensure we stay within the parameters of safe, professional overclocking, providing increased performance without applying significantly larger increases in voltage.

I’m sure you find all of this reassuring (as you should), but what about benchmarks? What are the real, nuts and bolts, technical advantages of professional overclocking in your day to day workflow?

Ask and you shall receive.

The brilliant minds at BOXXlabs have taken our APEXX X3, featuring an overclocked Intel Core X-series processor and tested it against a standard Intel Core X-series CPU with Turbo Boost technology. The results may surprise you.

Easy to understand and featuring detailed benchmark charts, Purpose Built for Performance demonstrates the clear advantages of overclocking and is a must-read before you purchase your next workstation. 

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