BOXX and PAC Combine to Create Premium Hardware & Data Storage Platform

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Here’s how last week’s press release opened:

BOXX Technologies, the leading innovator of high-performance computer workstations, rendering systems, and servers, today announced that it has joined with three major data storage divisions consolidated under Pacific Alliance Capital (PAC):  PAC Storage, WCT, and PAC Data. PAC Storage is a premier developer and manufacturer of storage systems and WCT is a storage systems integrator/reseller, while PAC Data is responsible for storage distribution. The combination arrives as both BOXX and PAC are experiencing record growth. The pair of entities will report to parent company Craftsman Capital Partners, a Dallas, Texas-based private equity firm.

Shortly thereafter, inquiries from tech media hit my inbox and phone line:  

“Are you merging with PAC?” “Will BOXX continue under its own name/banner?”

“What does this mean for current BOXX customers?” are just a small sampling of the very good questions posed.

Here’s my response. No, it's not a merger per se, as both companies will continue under their own banners—PAC out in Cali and BOXX deep in the heart of Texas. We're just all part of the Craftsman Capital Partners family, the private equity firm which owns us both, just as they own Cirrascale Corporation, a premier developer of multi-GPU servers and cloud solutions designed for deep learning infrastructure. That sister company of ours enabled BOXX to add Cirrascale’s deep learning hardware to its line of multi-GPU solutions and helped solidify BOXX as the leader in multi-GPU computer technology. Cirrascale Cloud Services continues to provide GPU-as-a-Service and other professional services offerings.

PAC focuses on data storage, backup, and disaster recovery with extensive expertise in SAN, NAS, and backup solutions. Aligned with leading storage hardware and software innovators, PAC sales and engineering offers clients complete solutions. Adding PAC to the fold has no discernible impact on BOXX customers, as sales and support contacts remain the same. More good news is that it allows BOXX to recommend and offer PAC data storage solutions while in turn, PAC can do the same for us when their customers inquire about desktop, mobile, and rackmount workstations. The best news of all is how much this will benefit current (and potential) BOXX enterprise customers since we can now provide them with efficient, reliable, world-class data storage solutions—the fastest growing area of the markets we serve.

“BOXX is an incredible brand built on delivering the highest possible performance to the customer,” said Barrett Dean, Partner at Craftsman Capital. “With expanded resources and knowledge base, we have complete confidence that consumers will view BOXX as a one stop shop for end-to-end workstation requirements, especially now as BOXX completes their portfolio with data storage products. The highly experienced BOXX management team has done an outstanding job of building BOXX as a premium solution provider, so the addition of PAC further expands the BOXX brand into new markets.”

Over the past decade, BOXX has expanded to develop state-of-the-art products specific to architecture, engineering, data science, and other markets, but our roots are in media & entertainment, where we still manufacture the fastest and highest quality hardware solutions for VFX, animation, and motion media applications. That said, and since BOXX systems were used on numerous Avengers films, here’s an analogy: BOXX is Captain America, Cirrascale is Ironman, PAC is the Hulk, and Craftsman— S.H.I.E.L.D.

Perhaps I should have opened with that. By the way, you knew we were going to be Cap—designed, built, and supported in the USA. Who else would we be?

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