Make Black Friday a BOXX Friday w/ ActionVFX

Make Black Friday a BOXX Friday w/ ActionVFX

Enter to Win an APEXX A3

Our friends, those noted BOXXers at ActionVFX, are having an awesome Black Friday Sale, Nov. 28, with their entire, outstanding VFX product library available at a whopping 55% off. To make the sale even sweeter, savings will continue through Dec. 6 with all products marked at a still incredible discount of 50%. You can log in from any device and your purchases will be added to your profile to be downloaded at your convenience.

And now for the best part:

If you spend $100 or more during their Black Friday sale, your name will be entered into a drawing for an APEXX A3 workstation!

Featuring the heralded AMD Ryzen™ 3000 Series processor, the BOXX APEXX A3 is a compact powerhouse purpose-built for demanding 3D content creation workflows. In addition to the blazing fast CPU, A3 offers ample memory, up to two professional GPUs, and plenty of hard drives.

To recap:

  • ActionVFX Black Friday Sale begins Nov. 28th, 8pm EST, w/ product library at 55% off

  • 55% discount ends after 24 hours: Nov. 29 at 8pm EST

  • 50% Sale begins Nov. 29 at 8pm EST through Dec. 6 at 11:59pm EST

  • Spend $100 on ActionVFX products and you’re entered to win an APEXX A3

If you win, you also get to participate in a BOXX/ActionVFX customer testimonial which will raise your profile and boost your business. The winner will be announced across social media and email, so be sure to follow ActionVFX:

YouTube - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - Linkedin

…and BOXX:

YouTube - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - Linkedin

Good luck!