Already a designated SOLIDWORKS Solution Partner and leading manufacturer of SOLIDWORKS-Certified workstations, BOXX does more to facilitate your success.

By now, many of you know that BOXX is all about facilitating customer success. We want to help you work faster and increase your productivity, and as SOLIDWORKS users ourselves, we know how critical the right hardware is for 3D CAD design. You see, BOXX doesn’t just build workstations, rendering systems, and servers—we solve problems. In fact, SOLIDWORKS users call us because they’re facing workflow issues and need a solution. It’s the same reason many of you are members of SOLIDWORKS User Groups (SWUGs).

SWUGs provide education and networking opportunities for engineers and product designers who rely on the renowned 3D CAD design software. Users attend group meetings because they’re looking for insights, tips, and other pertinent information that will improve their workflows and enhance their business. While evaluating the importance of SWUGs, BOXX decided that this is where we needed to be. You can’t best serve SOLIDWORKS users without facilitating their success, and you can’t achieve that unless you are actively involved in SWUGs.

BOXX has taken that step by officially sponsoring a number of SWUG chapters throughout the United States. Through whitepapers, benchmarks, videos, and more, we’re educating SOLIDWORKS users on their specific workflows, how to properly configure a workstation, and how BOXX consistently outperforms multinational commodity workstations. With systems like the new APEXX S3, featuring a liquid-cooled, overclocked, 9th generation Intel® Core™ i7 or i9 processor and NVIDIA Quadro graphics, BOXX APEXX workstations provide outstanding support for single-threaded engineering applications like SOLIDWORKS. We also work closely with users to customize their workstations in order to accelerate workflows and increase productivity. As a bonus, our sponsorships include exclusive BOXX SWUG t-shirts, as well as SWUG member discounts on BOXX products. So far, BOXX SWUG sponsorships include user groups in Central Texas, Colorado, Eastern Iowa, St. Joseph, MO , WNC-Ashville, NC, Portland Area, OR, and Orange County, CA, however this is just the beginning. We plan to steadily expand to all SWUG organizations across the United States.

“BOXX builds the world’s fastest machines custom-configured for SOLIDWORKS, but we felt like we could do more,” said BOXX VP of Marketing Bill Leasure. “Sponsoring SWUGs throughout country enables us to work directly with engineers and product designers, and support them with critical information at a personal level. We owe it to SOLIDWORKS users who have been, and will continue to be, integral to our success.”

For further information, contact BOXX SWUG Representative Bud Wainright direct at 512-852-3303, mobile: 512-364-4577, or via email at