Great News for Rebooting Your Business

Great News for Rebooting Your Business

There are a number of reasons you choose a premium product like BOXX. First and foremost, it’s because you demand a computer system purpose-built for your specific software applications and workflow. The benefits of a customized, optimized, workstation, laptop, or server are many, but most of all, increased productivity and profit. When you factor in “Made in the USA” manufacturing, sales, and support, it’s clear you can count on BOXX to facilitate your success and always keep you up and running.

But how does a creative pro get his or her hands on a BOXX when their budget is tight, especially as we crawl our way out of this locked down COVID economy? Answer: BOXX is ready to support and facilitate your success in that regard as well.  

Through our preferred financing partner, Marlin Capital Solutions, we’re offering a 90-day deferred payment that will also allow you to take advantage of incredible IRS Section 179 tax benefits. But more on that tax deduction later. Let’s start with the program.


Marlin “No Payments for 90* Days” Program

BOXXers (i.e., BOXX customers) get the computer hardware they need now, and defer their first payment for 90* days. It’s that simple. The program enables you to acquire the APEXX workstation, GoBOXX laptop, or server you need even if you’re tight on cash. One of the reasons we partner with Marlin is because they understand how businesses work and know that (regardless of your cash flow status) sometimes you need a specific system or systems to complete a big job or offer a service that will bring more work through your doors. Here’s the rundown:

1. Once you’ve selected your system, BOXX will contact our Marlin representative for approval.

2. Marlin will then send lease documents directly to you.

3. If you qualify, BOXX will ship your system(s) to you.

4. After 90 days, you start making payments to Marlin.


More Benefits

If you think that sounds good, note that tax benefits include a deduction that allows you to write off up to 100% of your 2020 hardware purchase! The 2020 deduction limit is $1,040,000 and both new and refurbished systems qualify. For purchases over $1,040,000, you can also take advantage of bonus depreciation at 100%, but in order to earn these outstanding tax benefits, you must put the purchased systems into service before December 31, 2020.

Because this special offer is only valid through the end of the year, it’s time to take on the fourth quarter, close it out on a roll, and still hang on to your cash. Be a part of the great American economic comeback and equip your business with the hardware you need to make 2021 better than ever. Let’s get to work!

*Applicants must be credit approved and qualify to be eligible for 90* day deferment promotion. Valid through 12/31/20.