Purpose-built for demanding animation, VFX, and motion media

APEXX S-Class workstations, featuring new 13th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 or i9 processors, are designed for animators, VFX artists, motion media editors, and other digital content creators.

Lightly threaded 3D content creation tools are limited by the frequency of the processor, so a faster CPU clock speed means more creating and less waiting. BOXX APEXX S-Class workstations rely on Intel® Core™ processors with speeds up to 5.8GHz, so you’ll experience state-of-the-art performance for 3ds Max, Maya, Adobe Creative Cloud, Cinema 4D, and other pro applications."

How to Configure the Ultimate Cinema 4D Workstation

Which processor? How much memory? What type of hard drive? Which graphics card?

Your search for the ideal, purpose-built Cinema 4D workstation begins with questions—lots of them. But thanks to the BOXX eBook, How to Configure the Ultimate Cinema 4D Workstation, you’ll have all the answers.

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