Because manufacturing and product design (MPD) workflows can easily tax a desk-side system, implementing remote workstations for CAD CAM is even more challenging. However, this is where BCS outpaces the competition, providing an unprecedented combination of overclocked workstation technology and the latest NVIDIA® Quadro RTX™ GPUs to deliver a “no compromise” cloud workstation experience.



Dassault Systèmes®

Achieve stunning results and optimize your SOLIDWORKS workflow with BOXX Cloud Services.

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Dassault Systèmes®

SOLIDWORKS Visualize enables users of SOLIDWORKS and other CAD applications to visually communicate and collaborate with high-quality, real-time rendering that accelerates design decisions and leads to more innovative solutions.

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Accomplish renders faster and improve your workflow with BOXX Cloud Services or add more power with dedicated solutions.

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As CAD applications like SOLIDWORKS™ have evolved, so have demands on computer hardware. Today’s workflows often include computer-assisted-engineering (CAE) tools or other plug-ins that require CUDA GPU acceleration. That’s why BCS provides full support for CUDA and other desktop GPU compute needs, far surpassing other remote workstations for CAD CAM which only offer limited GPU support.

Originally, traditional virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) was thought to be a good fit for MPD workloads. However, the reality was compromise after compromise. From scalability issues to complexity in deploying and supporting users, many organizations who tried VDI with remote workstations for CAD CAM experienced poor performance for end-users. With BCS, performance is not shared or compromised as more end-users access it, ensuring smooth and seamless roll outs, with no burden on IT.


Secure Robust Performance

BOXX Cloud provides the ultimate in workstation-as-a-service performance; equal to a physical desk side workstation and made possible through low-latency remote graphics utilizing PCoIP® Technology from Teradici.

PCoIP delivers secure, high-definition, and highly responsive computing essential for end users transitioning from local, physical systems to cloud-hosted workstations. PCoIP remote graphics traffic relies on AES 256 encryption (the highest level of cybersecurity), and because the PCoIP® protocol transfers only display information in the form of pixels, client and project information never leave the datacenter.

When it comes to the complexity of sharing unstructured, CAD and other design content to users on-premises and on BOXX Cloud, we have you covered.

BOXX Cloud partners with Panzura for optional high performance distributed storage capabilities that ensure your on-premise data is securely available to users on BOXX Cloud with no performance penalty. When your teams aren’t in the same place, productive and efficient collaboration can be a challenge, but Panzura utilized with BOXX Cloud, allows your best people to work on files collaboratively, as if they were seated right next to each other.

Extend your Enterprise Standards to BOXX Cloud

For organizations with clearly defined standards, BOXX Cloud has the tools needed to deploy workstations at scale, while also providing flexibility not available from other cloud offerings. Our service enables you to run your existing enterprise-approved firewalls or SD-WAN and Secure Tunnel solutions (even if hardware based), but we can also utilize your standard desktop and application deployment tools to simplify management of BOXX Cloud workstations.