Benchmarks Reveal BOXX Cloud and FLEXX Lead in Workstation Performance

Cloud Service and Innovative Data Center Platform Better Support Demanding Users with Performance and Service Unavailable from Hyperscaler Cloud Providers

AUSTIN, TEXAS, March 26, 2024— BOXX Technologies, the leading innovator of high-performance workstations, rendering systems, and servers, today announced the release of BOXX Cloud benchmarks which reveal that BOXX Cloud and FLEXX offerings significantly outperform major cloud hyperscaler platform instances in model creation performance using software like SOLIDWORKS and Autodesk Revit, and dramatically increase V-ray rendering performance by tenfold. Purpose-built for 3D CAD and media & entertainment workflows, BOXX Cloud is a unique, secure, high-performance, virtual private cloud workstation service powered by FLEXX, an innovative data center platform consisting of high density BOXX workstations. 

These benchmarks reveal BOXX Cloud moves beyond traditional cloud-based solutions,” said Tim Lawrence, BOXX founder and VP of Engineering. “Not only does it excel on performance and price, BOXX Cloud is also designed to be flexible in order to work in conjunction with your existing infrastructure—whether hosted by BOXX, on premise at your client site, or in conjunction with hyperscaler cloud providers.”  

The new benchmarks are comprised of four system performance comparisons to Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) instances: SPECworkstation® 3.1 product development score, V-Ray 5 rendering benchmark CPU score, Autodesk Revit 2022: RFO-model creation time to complete, and Revit 2022 render benchmark time to complete. In all tests, BOXX Cloud significantly outperformed both Azure and AWS. For example, BOXX Cloud delivered 3x higher model creation performance in Revit and 10x higher V-Ray rendering performance. In addition to these new performance metrics, a pricing comparison conducted using the Cadalyst Systems Benchmark indicated BOXX Cloud came out on top in price/performance. 

Powered by the BOXX FLEXX hardware platform, BOXX Cloud is purpose-built to optimize professional applications. With FLEXX, high clock speed CPUs are standard, high-performance workstation GPUs are provided, and overall system architecture is designed to perform and feel like a desk side workstation—with all the aspects of a manageable, data center-hosted environment. Despite the clear performance advantages, BOXX Cloud is also designed to work with an organization’s existing infrastructure.     

If you rely on distributed storage with a hyperscaler like AWS, this can be extended to BOXX Cloud-hosted instances and to an on premise FLEXX environment,” said Lawrence. “So you can still leverage the best capabilities from the services and technologies you currently use while BOXX Cloud delivers a better, higher performance workstation offering to your most demanding creators—regardless of their physical location and unmatched by anything hyperscalers can provide.” 

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