BOXX Introduces the World’s Smallest Overclocked Workstation

APEXX 1 is the world’s smallest workstation available with either an overclocked Intel® Core™ i7 or standard Intel® Xeon® E5 processor.

AUSTIN, TEXAS, Sept. 30, 2015— BOXX Technologies, the leading innovator of high-performance computer workstations and rendering systems, today introduced APEXX 1, the world’s smallest workstation available with either an overclocked Intel® Core™ i7 or standard Intel® Xeon® E5 processor.  Featuring professional NVIDIA graphics, Intel solid state drives (SSD), and PCI-E NVMe SSD technology, APEXX 1 provides engineers, architects, VFX artists, animators, and other creative professionals with state-of-the-art workstation performance in a compact form factor.

“BOXX innovation goes beyond offering the latest and greatest technology to providing unique hardware solutions that relieve workflow bottlenecks and increase productivity,” said Shoaib Mohammad, BOXX VP of Marketing and Business Development. “APEXX 1 is the one-of-a kind, ultra-compact, full-featured, creating and rendering workstation that architects, engineers, and motion media pros have been waiting for.”

4.7 inches wide, 8.5 inches tall, and 9.0 inches deep, the custom-built, liquid-cooled, mini ITX APEXX 1 arrives with the option of an eight-core, 6th generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor (safely overclocked to 4.125 GHz) or an Intel® Xeon® E5 processor with up to eighteen cores. By the end of October, 2015, APEXX 1 will further expand its available processor options by offering overclocked, quad-core, Skylake processors. The new BOXX workstation also includes an NVIDIA Quadro K1200 graphics card, making it ideal for Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS, Autodesk® Revit®, 3ds Max®, and other professional 3D applications. Capable of housing two 2.5 inch drives, APEXX 1 features an optional M.2 PCI Express NVMe solid state drive for four times the performance of a standard SSD. Its unibody core, interlocking strengthening side panels, and four corner bumpers allow the space-saving workstation to stand vertically, horizontally, or as a stacked component in combination with the soon-to-be-released BOXX renderPRO 1 personal dedicated rendering system. APEXX 1 was designed exclusively by BOXX Engineering and is manufactured in the United States.  

“From the overclocked Intel Core i7 or 18-core Intel Xeon, to custom liquid cooling, NVIDIA graphics, and more, APEXX 1 is the professional solution that delivers maximum workstation performance in the most minimal space,” said Mohammad.

For further information and pricing on APEXX 1, contact BOXX at 1-877-877-2699. Learn more about APEXX workstations, BOXX rendering solutions, BOXX Finance options, and how to contact one of their worldwide resellers, by visiting

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