I’ll preface this blog by saying when it comes to workstation users, it’s safe to assume we all want the baddest, fastest system we can afford. Yet amongst us, there are two distinct subgroups. First, there are those who don’t care what their workstation looks like as long as it is a beast. You’ll find me in that group.  I’m an artist of varied mediums, but to me, hardware is just what the name implies. It’s a tool, no different than the ones in my woodshop or studio, and as long as it can run my post production software applications at peak performance, I have no reservation regarding what it looks like. 

The second category of workstation enthusiasts are polar opposites. They want their workstation to be sleek, elegant, and have muscular lines like a ’69 Dodge Charger.  I can readily accept that, I just don’t give much thought to the aesthetics of the computer dwelling under my desk. I’m never going to show it off to friends and neighbors like a piece of fine furniture.  

However, I’ll admit that those of us in the first group are likely in the minority. I’ve believed that ever since we held a “design a BOXX” contest many years ago and the entries were spectacular. 3D artists and product designers poured innovation and loads of talent into their designs.  

Apologies for the lengthy preface, but all that said, I’ve admired the look of BOXX systems throughout the years, especially our new APEXX “4” chassis. These workstations are the genuine towers of power built to hold up to four GPUs. So even though I’m personally fond of the new look, you should understand that like everything we do at BOXX, the APEXX “4” chassis is also designed for improved system performance. Just like overclocking and liquid cooling, there is always a method to our madness. 

First of all, you’ll notice the revamped aesthetics, like the top-to-bottom grill. While that offers a decidedly more modern look, it also optimizes air intake. If you know anything about BOXX, you know we performance tune our systems to run at their peak which, in turn, generates heat. You also know we keep our machines running cool in order to maximize performance and accelerate your workflow, so increased airflow is a big deal. Liquid cooling is key, of course, but so is our specially tuned air cooling.    

We’ve also eliminated the outdated 5.25" drive bay. BOXX designs and manufactures state-of-the-art gear, and that feature is no longer state-of-the-art. The latest technology are (multiple) NVMe drives which this chassis can easily accommodate. 

Lastly, the new “4” chassis provides enhanced capacity. It can now support up to 12 slots, so it’s designed for software applications which require various PCIe drives or cards, including (as I mentioned previously) up to four, full-slot, full-width NVIDIA RTX Ada generation or AMD Radeon PRO GPUs. 

One more thing, it also looks terrific as a rackmount system. The new APEXX “4” chassis is not just a pretty face though. It features the improved robust performance of a beast encased inside sleek, elegant lines. In other words, looks great, runs great—a little something for everybody.