When you see that the new Intel® 8th generation i7 processors have pretty much the same CPU and performance per MHz as the previous generation of Skylake and Kaby Lake Intel processors, you may not be initially impressed. But it’s not any kind of boost in standard performance that you should be excited about – it’s the improved architecture and extra cores that should get your blood pumping.

Consider some of the incredible features that can change the way you work for the better.

Six Cores for New i7 Processors

Believe it – each new 8th generation Intel i7 processor gets a two-core upgrade. That’s an instant addition to your total processing power for render-heavy tasks or for those who frequently jump between video, graphics, and motion graphics editing software.

It’s made possible by creative changes in the processor’s microarchitecture. It’s been 10 years since an Intel® CPU has undergone such a feat of engineering, but the new structure promises to be the first of many major improvements to the performance of Intel’s renowned processors.

Multithreaded Cores

For the 8th generation i7 processor, you will have twelve threads for its six cores. Since most major 3D rendering, video, and graphics applications now support multithreading, you can expect less chugging on work-intensive days, especially if you’re attempting to continue working while rendering.

While the i3 and i5 processors boast only a single thread per core, they share the same two-core upgrade as the i7. But if you want to maximize performance per dollar spent, the Intel® i7 processor is unbeatable.

DDR4 Memory Support

The new 8th gen i7 processors may no longer support DDR3 memory, but if you’re working professionally in visual media, odds are good that you’ve moved well past DDR3 already. If you have, you’re in luck – DDR4 has just become the new standard thanks to Intel’s 8th generation i7 processors.

The lower power consumption of DDR4 memory coupled with the streamlined capabilities of the new i7 processor promises to give your cooling systems and your electric bills a break. If you work on the go, mobile workstations are likely to benefit from noticeably longer battery life and lower operating temperature as well.

What Does the Intel 8th Generation i7 Processor Mean for BOXX Users?

It means that the next generation of BOXX high-performance machines is here.

The APEXX S3 comes equipped with a shiny new Intel i7 processor professionally overclocked (across all six cores) to 4.8GHz. It also features 16GB of DDR4-2666 memory and, for graphics-specific tasks, up to two NVIDIA® or AMD Radeon Pro™ professional GPUs, as well as an additional single slot card.

Since you’ll definitely be cranking out unparalleled creative work with your APEXX S3, we’ve also snuck in a 512 GB M2 PCIe solid-state drive. We carefully selected these components to work in conjunction. You’ll instantly notice smoother multi-tasking even among demanding graphics applications, and the temperature shift is sure to keep you creating longer.