The esteemed David Cohn, consultant, tech writer, author, and contributing editor at Digital Engineering (DE247) has been benchmarking workstation computers since 1984. Throughout his tenure at DE247, David has reviewed a number of BOXX systems purpose-built for manufacturing and product design. His last was in 2018, so naturally, we were excited to have him test drive the latest edition of our flagship workstation, the APEXX S3.

If you’re familiar with Mr. Cohn’s work, you know “test drive” doesn’t begin to cover his beat. His reviews are known to be honest, unbiased, incredibly thorough, and meticulous, complete with pricing, photos, detailed specs, benchmarks, and comparisons to competitor systems. His new APEXX S3 review is no exception.

Cohn begins with the S3’s dimensions and each exterior feature, from the removable front air filter (for easy cleaning), to the front ports, rear ports, jacks, connectors, or what he refers to as, “a wealth of connections.” I told you he was meticulous.

Cohn also spills a good bit of digital ink covering the motherboard, along with the S3’s available 13th Gen Intel Core i7 or i9 CPUs. He rounds out the section with a helpful price/performance chart that anyone in the market for a 3D design or CAD workstation should view.

Another key aspect of Cohn’s system reviews? His dedication to professional users. He not only dives deep on features and benefits, but also provides the costs of the system individual components.

The tech expert and author then goes on to discuss system memory, the range of available GPU options (from NVIDIA T400 to RTX A6000 or AMD Radeon Pro) along with the SATA drives and their SSD capacities.

After covering all of these features and providing a breakout box of technical specs for your easy perusal, Cohn gets down to the nitty gritty of it all—“record breaking performance” (his unbiased words, not ours). Using the SPECviewperf 13 Geomean and providing another chart (of course), Cohn reveals:

“On the SPECviewperf tests of graphics performance, the BOXX APEXX S3 achieved some of the highest scores we’ve ever recorded on three of the eight datasets. Its results on the SPECworkstation 3.1 benchmark were even more impressive, with the BOXX APEXX S3 garnering the top scores on almost every aspect of this incredibly demanding set of tests, including top results on five of the six vertical market test suites. It now ranks at the top in terms of CPU, storage and graphics subsystem performance.”

I hate to play the spoiler, but c’mon, you already read the title of this blog. You’re not required to take my word for it, however. Go to DE247, read David Cohn’s exceptional APEXX S3 review start to finish, and when you’ve finished, contact a BOXX performance specialist via online chat or by calling 877.877.BOXX to configure our flagship workstation, now referred to as, “Top Performance Winner.”

David Cohn and Digital Engineering’s words, not ours.