Ansys, as a global leader in engineering simulation, offers a broad portfolio of outstanding engineering simulation software, enabling users to solve the most complex engineering challenges. As a long-standing partner of Ansys, BOXX performance specialists are positioned to help you configure a system purpose-built for Ansys Fluent (CFD),  Ansys Electronics, Ansys Mechanical, Ansys Discovery Live, and other Ansys software so you will be able to maximize performance and accelerate product development like never before.


Because Ansys software is typically relegated to a specific number of cores, you need a system that maximizes the performance of your core license. In addition to selecting a system that utilizes the licensed cores, BOXX recommends an additional two to four cores over the Ansys core license requirement to accommodate your operating system and other processes running in the background.


BOXX has multiple deskside APEXX and rack-mounted RAXX Systems optimized for Ansys that include the newest AMD Threadripper™ Pro and upcoming Epyc™ processors. These systems provide the most channels and fastest Ansys application performance ever. Contact a BOXX performance specialists today to custom-configure your ideal workstation that meets the specific needs you have for your most demanding Ansys projects.

The Latest Processors for your Ansys Applications

APEXX P4i image

Order the workstation powered by the upcoming AMD EPYC™ processor (up to 128 cores and 12 memory channels), up to 3 GPUs, and ample storage. Contact a BOXX performance specialists for details.


RAXX P3 image

Order the RAXX P3 rackmount powered by the upcoming AMD EPYC™ processor (up to 128 cores and 12 memory channels), up to 4 GPUs, and ample storage. Contact a BOXX performance specialists.  


APEXX T4 PRO image

With the new AMD Threadripper PRO 7000, APEXX T4 PRO is ideal for CAE applications like those from Ansys, along with AI, simulation, and demanding rendering workloads.  


RAXX T3 PRO image

RAXX T3 PRO is ideal for all the same applications and workloads as T4 PRO, but is a dedicated rack mounted system to accommodate enterprise organization flexibility and remote work.  



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