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BOXX Technologies has introduced their APEXX W4L workstation featuring Intel’s new Xeon W-3200 series processors. BOXX is among the first hardware manufacturers to ship systems equipped with the powerful new single socket processor which provides substantial performance increases over previous Intel Xeon W technology. A highly versatile platform, BOXX says the APEXX W4L is purpose-built for rendering, simulation, and other GPU-accelerated compute applications.

The new single socket solution is based on a 28-core (56 thread) Intel Xeon W-3200 processor that can run up to 4.6GHz with Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0. It provides 64 PCIe lanes for more I/O throughput for networking, graphics, and storage; and Intel’s new Deep Learning Boost for accelerated AI performance. In addition to the new Intel processor technology, APEXX W4L features up to 1TB of memory and four Nvidia or AMD professional GPUs, making the workstation well suited for GPU-intensive workloads across media & entertainment, architecture, engineering & construction (AEC), AI, oil & gas, life sciences, and other industries.

BOXX’s new APEXX W4L Xeon-based workstation


This is the latest from BOXX who has been building workstations for over 21 years, providing workstations and rendering systems to VFX and animation studios, national television networks, leading architecture and engineering firms, even professional sports organizations, and of course universities.

The W4L is a midrange product for BOXX, starting at $7,395.00 with 96 GB of 2933 ECC memory, 512 GB SSD M.2 PCIe, a Quadro P2000 with 5 GB GDDR5, a DVD R/W drive , Win10 Pro WS and 1 year warranty.

“BOXX facilitates customer success by enabling users to spend less time waiting and more time creating,” said Bill Leasure, BOXX VP of Marketing. “With the new Intel Xeon W-3200 available inside of our APEXX W4L, we’re also sending a clear message that creative professionals shouldn’t have to wait for the latest, state-of-the-art Intel technology. APEXX W4L delivers breakthrough performance you can order today.”

What do We Think?

BOXX has supplied workstations to every major company you can think of (if you have some spare time you see a scroll of them on the company’s web page). The company has ten classes of workstations, possibly more than any other supplier. That’s an indication of the flexibility of the firm, and its experience in meeting the needs of customers — no two are alike and one size does not fit all.


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