SOLIDWORKS users love their product. Among 3D CAD solutions, it’s the largest in the biggest mainstream mechanical market, representing over one-third of the segment. However, many users are still using legacy SOLIDWORKS software. Dassault Systemes has released their new connected 3DEXPERIENCE PLATFORM (3DX), which incorporates innovative, integrated Product Data Management (PDM) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) capabilities within SOLIDWORKS, allowing teams to manage data and communicate more easily than ever.

While some users are skeptical of a new platform and want to stick to what they’re familiar with, 3DX offers advanced creation and collaboration features that change the way we create and build. Whether or not you’re a CAD-user, 3DX is an easy platform to use and communicate with, encouraging teamwork throughout a project. Discover the advantages of SOLIDWORKS solutions on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, and why transition might be right for you.

What is 3DX?

Classic SOLIDWORKS users should consider moving over to the 3DX platform to move “beyond PLM,” offering tools for Internet of Things devices (IoT), Big Data analysis, and cloud solutions. There are several apps included with the package, including SOLIDWORKS itself, the PDM backbone ENOVIA, CAD software CATIA, SIMULIA, which is used for advanced simulation, NETVIBES, used for social media, and 3DVIA, a visualization tool.

To help transition classic SOLIDWORKS users to 3DX, Dassault Systemes has created a translation system between the Parasolid kernel (in classic) and the CGM kernel (in 3DX). The company has also designed bridges, called Conceptual Design and Industrial Design, to help their customers design and review concepts before manufacture. XDesign, featuring Xdrive, in a browser-based application that’s platform-independent, for modeling, design guidance, and collaboration, with a file system. These bridges are designed to help SOLIDWORKS users move into 3DX with ease.

The Future of CAD

Ultimately, cloud-based CAD solutions like 3DEXPERIENCE are the future. Being able to design on the go, from any device, including your tablet or smartphone, collaborate with colleagues, and always access your data, offers many advantages to a locally-stored file system. As many other software companies like Adobe, Autodesk, and even Microsoft move to subscription platforms, Dassault Systemes is following.

While it may take a while for the entire userbase to move over the 3DEXPERIENCE, the innovative collaboration and file-sharing tools make the platform a must for large companies. With a powerful workstation or mobile workstation from BOXX, you’ll have the tools you need to create amazing things.