You can’t talk about anything involving Las Vegas, i.e., prizefights, Elvis, the Sphere, The Killers, the Raiders (the radio announcer hollers “Jackpot!” when they score a touchdown) without the obligatory gambling reference, so with the 2024 NABShow running there April 13-17, I already got it out of the way with the blog title.  

3d Animation Solution

However, “full house,” is also an apt description of this year’s BOXX booth since we’ve packed it with every media & entertainment workstation (desk side, rack mount, or both) in the lineup. We’re also including data storage solutions from our affiliate company, PAC Storage. Listen, if you’re attending “the ultimate event for the broadcast, media and entertainment industry” which is also “where content comes to life,” (it’s so big it has two taglines) then you bring the house. The other reason for the extensive product portfolio is because there are a good many disciplines and creative workflows within M&E and BOXX has a high performance solution purpose-built for every one of them…including yours. 

So what will you see at the NABShow? Let’s start with the 3D Animation and Visual Effect Solution, APEXX S3, the world’s fastest (6.1GHz) Intel® Core® i9 workstation. Our best-selling, liquid-cooled, subcompact powerhouse is so heralded, it’s almost as legendary as our tech support who, by the way, are based in Austin, Texas, inside the same facility where we design and manufacture all of our systems. 

Next up is the Optimal Compositing Solution, APEXX T4. This rack mountable, blazing fast, liquid-cooled, Avid-qualified tower of power (5.3GHz) is equipped with a 64-core, AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ 7000 Series processor, and up to four GPUs. From video editing to compositing, T4 absolutely rules for post. It even takes advantage of AI features like NukeX’s Copy Cat and Unreal Engine Integration. 

Studio SolutionIf you need to go bigger to easily tackle the most demanding motion media, AI, rendering, and complex simulation, how do 96 CPU cores sound? You’ll find them (and up to four GPUs too) in the Virtual Studio Solution, APEXX T4PRO, equipped with the most powerful AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO 7000 WX-Series processor and 2TB of memory. T4PRO is king of the mountain.  

If that’s more than your workflow demands, your ideal solution may be the APEXX T3, a 64-core subcompact Threadripper 7000 series workstation (5.3GHz) available with up to two GPUs. I can verify its speed and rock-sold reliability as I edit 4k video with effects on it each day.   

If your organization encompasses all areas of production from high data set 3D modeling and particle system simulation to compute intensive rendering, you can’t do better than the rack mount, Total Production Workhouse, RAXX T3PRO, also powered by Threadripper PRO and up to four GPUs.   

For GPU rendering, feature film editing, and AI, another outstanding rack mount server is the Slender Render Solution, RAXX P1G featuring an AMD EPYC 7003 CPU and up to four GPUs. Since P1G can be paired with remote access software like HPAnyware, it’s a perfect remote workstation solution too.    

Broadcast SolutionWhat if your organization powers multi-displays, broadcast production, demanding rendering, fully virtualized streaming, and more? Then you need Broadcast in a BOXX. That’s the perfect description for RAXX P2G, also powered by an AMD™ EPYC™ 7003 Series CPU and support for up to five GPUs.  

Last but not least, check out FLEXX, a truly groundbreaking data center platform (and hardware foundation of BOXX Cloud) purpose-built to accelerate 3D content and motion media workflows. FLEXX houses multiple BOXX workstations condensed into high density modules for on premise or remote installations.  

As I mentioned at the outset, if you’re an M&E content creator, there is a BOXX purpose-built to remove bottlenecks and accelerate your specific applications and workflow. Visit our NABShow Solutions page and take a deeper dive on the specs and capabilities of these workstations. You’ll find a wealth of information there. If you have questions, our performance specialists have answers. Call 877.877.BOXX or inquire via online chat from our homepage.  

Better yet, if you’re headed to the NABShow, stop by BOXX booth #SL5125, consult with our experienced and knowledgeable team, and best of all, experience BOXX for yourself.