Learn How Lumion 8 is Transforming Architecture

How Lumion 8 is Transforming Architecture

Do you ever struggle to translate your construction project or architectural drawings for your client? How do you make blueprints, CAD files, and technical drawings into a product someone wants to purchase? That’s where Lumion 8 comes in. ACT-3D has developed Lumion to help your clients visualize your plans in 3D, bringing your vision to life. Lumion renders high quality still pictures and videos, importing 3D models from whatever software platform you use, including Revit, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, and Sketchup. Lumion 8 is extremely user-friendly and easy to learn, with an interface that helps you accomplish goals easily and quickly.

Lumion 8 is about creating breathtaking videos from your work to present to your clients, whether you’re an architect, interior designer, or construction firm. With a spectacular array of tools, you can create photorealistic renders that portray your ideas for a project. With the latest updates in Lumion 8, there’s even more you can do with this revolutionary software.

Sky Light

In the latest Lumion 8 release, the Sky Light effect adds depth and a more realistic appearance to your render. This tool is an advanced daylight simulator which softens and disperses a space’s “natural” light. When used with the Soft Shadows and Fine Detail shadows tools, Lumion 8 comes even closer to mimicking real life. Suddenly, trees and surrounding foliage jump out like photos and external elements slot into space perfectly.

Soft and Fine Shadows

No matter how skilled you are in the Adobe Suite or your architectural software, realistic shadows are always a challenge. With the new shadow tool, it’s much easier to bring realistic shadows into shots that are perfectly cast where objects fall. It’s almost uncanny how faithful the shadows are to what would occur in life.



Those who have worked in architecture or graphic design for years surely understand the frustration of balancing sliders to get just the right effects. With Styles, you select the interior or exterior style you want for the space. No complicated or time-consuming rendering needed—just a carefully balanced effect for your design. You can still personalize your own Style in minutes; it’s easy either way.
Hyperlight for Videos

Power boost your videos for better lighting quality and increased accuracy. Lumion 8 now allows you to use Hyperlight when rendering videos. You can use Hyperlight in indoor or outdoor animations, bringing them to life with realistic-looking light. Create a video that truly resembles how a building or room would look when you build it.

Use Lumion 8 on Your BOXX Workstation

Lumion 8 was released in November 2017 and is the right tool to communicate with your customers. Start impressing your clients with your creations from Lumion 8 by using your BOXX workstation. With powerful AMD and NVIDIA graphics, the latest Intel Core processors, and enough RAM to tackle your rendering tasks, a BOXX workstation is the machine you need.